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The following eligible charities have been submitted for consideration by individuals and teams, and will be placed into the fish bowl at the next meeting. If you have submitted a charity, check the list below to make sure we have your charity recorded. Charities may be submitted by more than one individual or team and will be placed into the fish bowl once for each individual or team who submits them. This results in a greater chance of being drawn; however, the charity is listed below only once.

  • Appetite For Change
  • Armed Forces Service Center
  • Artistry
  • Blair’s Tree of Hope
  • Breaking Free
  • Can Do Canines
  • Caring For Cats, Inc.
  • Connections to Independence
  • Cornerstone
  • Depart Smart
  • Family Values For Life
  • Free Arts Minnesota
  • Jeremiah Program
  • LDA Minnesota
  • Oasis For Youth
  • The Open Hands Foundation
  • Parenting with Purpose
  • Roots for the Home Team
  • Secondhand Hounds
  • SELF International, Inc.
  • The Sheridan Story
  • Spare Key
  • Store to Door
  • Theresa Living Center
  • TreeHouse
  • Wallin Education Partners
  • Wishes & More
  • Young Adult Heart Foundation

If you have submitted, and don’t see your charity listed please email us at:

Nominate Your Favorite Charity, Register Online Below:
Charity Nomination Form

Charity Nomination Form
Fill out our electronic nomination form below or download our Charity Nomination Form to scan and fax or email back to us. Requirements of submission: – Must be a 501(c)(3) [IRS Certified Tax Free Status] – Organization must have been in existence for a minimum of 2 years. – Charity must benefit Minnesota. – National charities will be considered if 100% of the donation will benefit Minnesota.

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