Welcome to Power of 100 Southwest

We are a group of women that meet quarterly to give back to charities in the community

Stay Safe in 2020

Wishing you well!!

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Please remember to fund this quarters charity!

Checks payable to:

The Food Group

by August 24th to be matched 

Mail your check to:
Power of 100 Southwest
c/o Jamison Optical
7912 Mitchell Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344


Total Dollar Donations Through October 16th, 2019


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Twitter: @Power_of_100_SW

Instagram: @powerof100southwest

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Member Testimonials

I had no idea how POWERFUL it would feel to be in a room with nearly 100 women who want to have an impact. You gotta experience it!

Power of 100 increases the power of making a difference. Together we roar!

I love recognizing smaller, lesser-known charities doing great work!

It is simple! It is impactful! It is from the heart!